Thank you for your interest in attending the Teacher Journeys conference. In 2023, the conference will be held online on December, 16th (Saturday). Please read the FAQ below for more details.  


The conference is 100% free for both presenters and attendees. Pre-registration is not required.

The conference will begin at 9:50AM and finish at 5:10PM (tentative schedule). The organizers will be online 30 minutes before the start of the conference to greet the participants and provide technical assistance.

The exact list of presenters will be announced closer to the conference day and published below this FAQ.

Other than watching the presentations on our blog marked with this year’s tag before attending, please check that everything works on your end. If it doesn’t, please contact us for technical assistance. 

What presenters do is not set in stone, but discussions and workshops tend to be the most popular activities after a 5- or 10-minute-long refresher.

To receive an invitation to this year’s Teacher Journeys’ conference, you need to submit a proposal and, if approved, record a presentation for the Teacher Journeys blog. Your presentation must be published at least 6 weeks before the date of the conference. In case you miss that deadline, you will be invited to the next year’s conference instead. We recommend applying at least before the end of August to make sure your presentation goes live before the cut-off date. For more information on how to apply and what kind of content we are looking for, please see the Submission Guidelines page.

If you choose to participate in the conference, you will be asked to prepare for a 25- OR 50-minute-long session that should:

  • Include a refresher that is NO LONGER than 5 minutes for 25-minute-long sessions or 10 minutes for 50-minute long sessions
  • Consist of no more than 3 (for a 25-minute long session) or 6 (for a 50-minute long session) content slides if you choose to use PPT or other visual aids
  • Include several prompts for a discussion related to your presentation (that is, provide an opportunity for a guided discussion of various topics/questions related to your presentation)


  • Provide a workshop-like experience with a skill related to your presentation (if applicable).

We are in the middle of choosing the most appropriate software for this year’s conference. We will update this section as soon as it has been decided.  

You can access the online venue via the big blue button below this FAQ.

Conference venue (offline)