In language education in Japan and around the world, almost every teacher’s career path takes the form of a unique and eventful journey. We often take this for granted, but it is exactly these journeys, these narratives of teacher identity formation, that enrich our profession and serve our students. Since 2011, the Teacher Journeys conference has been the venue for educators of all backgrounds and teaching contexts across Japan to share and reflect on such stories.  

Innovating yet again

Over the past two years, the Teacher Journeys conference has been hosted online as a collection of curated videos in which teachers shared reflections on the new circumstances we all found ourselves in following the COVID-19 outbreak. You can view the videos by visiting the Teacher Journeys 2020 and Teacher Journeys 2021 websites. 

This year, the Teacher Journeys conference will innovate again. Learn more about it by visiting the pages for presenters and attendees below.

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