For presenters

Submission period closed. Please come back next year if you would like to apply.


This year (2022), we are looking for presentations that fall broadly under the theme of teacher development. Personal narratives that highlight professional change and the path to it are welcome. Descriptions of the professional change, what prompted it, what informed it, what the results of it were: all of these in any combination should make for a presentation suitable for the conference. Please see the previous submissions here and here to get a better idea of what we are looking for and, perhaps, for some inspiration. 

Presentation requirements  

Other than being appropriate for the expected audience of the conference, your presentation should be in English and be between 10-25 minutes long for the prerecorded (flipped format) presentation. For the traditional format, please make sure your presentation is about 15-20 minutes long with 5-10 minutes left for a Q&A at the end (for a total of 25 minutes). Finishing a bit earlier is fine, but you will be asked to end your presentation by a moderator if you go over the time limit.

Proposal requirements  

Each proposal will be blind-reviewed.  The proposal should be between 150-250 words. The format is free, and here are a few questions to ask yourself as you prepare the proposal: 

  • What were your practice and/or professional beliefs like before the change?
  • What made you question your practice/professional beliefs? 
  • What changes did you make to your practice?
  • What were they informed by?
  • What were the outcomes?
  • If applicable, how did your beliefs change as a result of this experience?

We believe answers to these questions would make for a narrative interesting to the audience of Teacher Journeys. However, this is YOUR story, so feel free to be original.



  • Record a presentation and submit by the deadline (see FAQ below)
  • Choose one of the three available formats for the live session (see FAQ below) 
  • On the conference day, give a 5-minute-long refresher to the audience and proceed with the chosen format  


  • Prepare a presentation as you normally would 
  • Present live on the conference day with a short Q&A at the end 


This year, Teacher Journeys is all about meeting, sharing and discussing your experiences with others. We will only offer this option if the number of accepted proposals exceeds the number of live session slots available on the conference day. If the option becomes available, the applicants whose submissions came in first will be given priority when choosing to transition to this format. Until then, the statement below applies.  

If for whatever reason you are unable to participate in the live portion of the event but have an amazing story to share (or indeed have already submitted one), please contact us (contact form below). Posting videos only involves certain logistical challenges on our end, but we promise to consider it seriously.

For the live portion of the flipped format presentation, the following options* are available: 

  • Q&A** (the audience ask questions to the presenter; the audience will be asked to prepare some questions in advance) 
  • Workshop (the audience are asked to follow the presenter’s guidance in order to learn/perform a certain skill/technique/activity)
  • Discussion (the presenter poses questions to the audience to discuss and serves as a moderator)

*Mixing formats is allowed but a clear “main format” should be chosen and should be no less than 50% of the live session.

**If you choose the Q&A format, we also recommend having a back-up plan that can cover at least 30% of the 25-minute-long session in case there are not enough questions from the audience.

In case of the flipped format, your presentation will be published on the official YouTube channel of the SIG. Conference attendees will watch your presentation online and participate in the live session dedicated to it on the conference day. If you choose so, the live session may be recorded and later published on YouTube to complement the original presentation. 

In case of the live format, your presentation will be recorded as you present and published on the official YouTube channel of the SIG later along with the prerecorded presentations.  

Yes, you can. We welcome submissions of the presentations to the Teacher Development SIG journal, Explorations in Teacher Development. Submissions are subject to regular review procedures.  

The conference is going to be held online. This time, we are preparing an online space to enable mingling and interaction in ways that are not typical in traditional presenter-fronted software such as Zoom, Skype or Teams. We will be using new tech, but the good news is, the online venue is already available for you to visit. Click here to open it in your browser (browser only, PC only!). Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser (Chrome or Edge browser recommended). Let us know if something doesn’t work for you (contact form below). Your inquiries will help us immensely to make sure things go smoothly on the conference day.  

We extended the deadline to allow those unable to submit due to work to apply after the end of the first academic term.

Proposal submissions: April 1stJune 30th July 31st
Final notification of review results: 3 weeks after receiving proposal/revised proposal   
Deadline for prerecorded presentations: September 30th  (Flipped format only)
Videos go live: Before October 8th (Flipped format only)
Conference day: October 30th

We will try to get back to you with our review as soon as possible to allow you to edit and resubmit your proposal. We aim for a 3-week-long review for each submission.  

Please note that we will ask you to return a revised version of your proposal to us within 3 weeks and will take some time to review it again. If you submit your proposal too close to the deadline, it may reduce the time you have to actually prepare your prerecorded presentation if you choose the flipped format.

Additionally, upon your request, we may offer feedback for your prerecorded presentation provided there is enough time before the September deadline and reviewers are available to do so.  

Have other questions? Need technical help? Contact us!

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