For attendees

Thank you for showing interest in Teacher Journeys 2022. We envision this conference not only as an opportunity for viewers to learn from the presenters’ stories but also, and more importantly, to share their own. We hope to achieve this goal by a) employing a flipped format for some of our presentations and b) by utilizing a novel online environment for socializing. Both are new stuff, so bumps are expected along the road. Nevertheless, you never learn if you never try, and there is no better learning experience than that of failure (although this time we hope we won’t have to learn the hard way!).  

Please read the FAQ and register for the conference below. 


The conference is 100% free this year. 

The conference starts at 10am, October 30th, 2022. The check-in time starts at 9:30.

We expect the entire conference to be between 2 – 6 hours long. The final schedule will be announced as soon as the proposals are vetted and their authors confirm their participation. You will be able to see the schedule on the conference online venue page (please visit it any time by clicking here and press the agenda button in the lower left-hand corner) and the Conference page when it is ready sometime in August or September.

The presentations will be available on the Conference page starting October 8th.

You can access the online venue via this link or from the Conference page.

There will be 2 major types of presentations on the conference day with another one reserved for backup. You will know in advance which presentation is which type so you can prepare accordingly.

The first presentation format is called “Traditional“. It is something you are probably already used to. Just come to the conference online venue on December 4th and attend a live presentation as you normally would. No preparation required.

The second presentation format is called “Flipped“. In it, presenters will record their presentation in advance, and you will be able to see their work starting October. All registered users will be notified via email when the presentations go live. We will ask you to view the presentations that interest you before attending a live session dedicated to them on the conference day. The live sessions will be held in one of the three formats:

  • Q&A (attendees ask questions to the presenter – please prepare one or two questions in advance) 
  • Workshop (attendees are asked to follow the presenter’s guidance in order to learn/perform a certain skill/technique/activity) 
  • Discussion (the presenter poses discussion questions to attendees and serves as a moderator).  

The third presentation format is called “Discussion hour“. This format will only be used if the number of accepted presentations exceeds the number of time slots available on the conference day. We will share more information about the discussion hour format if we get there.

Other than watching the prerecorded presentations for the sessions you are planning to attend (and preparing your questions for the Q&A live session format), please check that everything works on your end. If it doesn’t, please request technical assistance using the contact form below. 

The conference is going to be using communication software called Wonder. It enables mingling and interaction in ways that are not typical in traditional presenter-fronted applications such as Zoom, Skype or Teams. Wonder doesn’t require any installation – only an up-to-date browser (Chrome or Edge browser recommended) and a fairly modern PC. You can access the online venue by visiting this link right now (browser only, PC only). Let us know if something doesn’t work for you by contacting us (contact form at the bottom). Your inquiries will help us immensely to make sure things go smoothly on the conference day.  

Note: Registration is not mandatory but will help us to better gauge the level of interest in the conference and make necessary adjustments to accommodate everyone as needed. 

Have other questions? Need technical help? Contact us!

Want to help the conference? Please share it with the people you know!